Tool Confirm 2020 Tour Without Maynard James Keenan


Tool recently promoted a tour that does not feature Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Danny Carey, or Justin Chancellor. The band tweeted, “Check out THE COMEDIANS FOLLOWING TOOL ON TOUR: THE TOUR. @roryscovel @freddyscott and @NickYoussef are following TOOL on their current tour, and doing stand-up along the way. Tix: * these are not TOOL dates and no band members will be present *.” Maynard James Keenan revealed who made a lot of mistakes at a recent Tool show.

A Tool fan named Everydayname discussed attending a recent VIP soundcheck in Fresno on Reddit, “Soundcheck was great from the concourse. Although, the sound wasn’t as good as Barclays due to the venue’s set up. I was so happy to hear The Patient because I didn’t think they’d actually perform it at one of my shows. It took a while for us to be let in, which was fine for me because I ended up talking with a wonderful person named Brad. I think it was Brad. If you’re reading this, and I know you’re on reddit so you probably will, send me a message! We were let in and, for some reason, people didn’t seem to be immediately filling in the front row. I ended up in front of Adam.

When we sang happy birthday, he fake cried. He’s a funny guy. Someone brought a birthday card for him and when he came down to the rail, he opened it in front of them and talked with them for a bit. In the VIP photos, he’s holding it up. I’m so happy for that person! Danny and Justin also came down and fist bumped everyone in front. After it was done, people left surprisingly quickly. Me and a few others were lingering because Adam hadn’t left yet. Very glad I didn’t!

As he was leaving, I was standing there not sure what I wanted to do/say. Didn’t matter. He stopped and said something to me. I couldn’t hear it, so he repeated it. I’m dead and/or blind and dumb and born to follow, so I missed it. The people next to me laughed and he goes she doesn’t get it. I said I didn’t hear it. He said it again. You gotta leave the Dalmatians alone. I laughed and said well…how do you think I got this coat? He’s like have you gotten that before? I said yes and he was like oh 😕.

Quickly added but never by you!, so!!! He said you have really cool hair though. I said thanks, you too (because he really does)! That was it and he started leaving again, but stopped to fist bump someone. He said ow! We all laughed and I joked about not mangling his hand before the show! Then he was gone. All of those people and I were like holy shit that really just happened! Adam is awesome. If you’ve seen me at a show, you’ll know why he said this lol. If not, I have black hair with the front left third dyed pastel colors. In a lot of light it looks silvery. I was wearing a multicolor first coat. In sum, I (unintentionally) look like Cruella de Vil.” A Tool member was recently joined by an ex-bandmate onstage.