Def Leppard Drop AC/DC Tour Bombshell


Def Lappard frontman Joe Elliott recently joined in for an interview with Rolling Stone when he spoke about AC/DC. It was noted that bands like The Rolling Stones, McCartney, and the Who are all touring this year. It was then addressed that they’re all turning 80 very soon. Thus, they are unlikely to tour that much longer. He was asked whether Def Leppard and his peers from that time will fill that void they leave behind with these big stadium shows.

Joe Elliott opens up on AC/DC

He said that he would grab the opportunity it that arrives. He said that they need to earn the right to step into the shows of the aforementioned bands and capture the audience. He namedropped some bands like U2, Depeche Mode, Aerosmith and AC/DC, expecting AC/DC to get back on the road. Here is what he said:

I would like to think we’d get an opportunity to do it. It’s totally up to us. We can’t just expect to be planted on a stage and think, “Well, the Rolling Stones aren’t here anymore, so we everybody that is a Stones fan will just see us now.” It doesn’t work like that. We have to earn the right to step into the shows of the Stones, the Who, McCartney. Even people more of our generation like U2 or Depeche Mode … and there’s Aerosmith and AC/DC that are kind of in between us and those guys age-wise.”

Elliott noted that the opportunities need to show up for that to happen and that woun;t be possible if they push back catalog forever. He said:

“There’s opportunities to do this. It’s not going to happen if we just sit around pushing the back catalog for forever and a day. We have to keep creating, I think, to be able to do it. And we have to be able to make sure what we do create doesn’t embarrass the back catalog since it has to stand up to it.”