Mick Jagger Allegedly Disrespects Keith Richards Daughter


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ lovely daughter Alexandra got married over the weekend, and Howard Stern claimed on Monday that Mick Jagger didn’t attend the wedding, which he saw as something that could lead to tension. An attempted murder on Mick Jagger was recently revealed.

MarksFriggin.com recapped: The caller said he has to go. Howard said who cares why and just hung up. Howard said Keith didn’t go to Mick’s daughter’s wedding this weekend [Editor’s note: Stern meant Mick didn’t go to Keith’s daughter’s wedding]. He said they break up over the stupidest things. He said just stay together. Howard said it’s not that hard to get along with people. He said just keep it together.

Keith Richards wrote a letter over the weekend to a rock icon suffering from health issues. He said he likes that song ”Save Yourself” by Stabbing Westward. He said it’s a great song but it might be the one hit that band had. Fred played that song too.

Howard talked that song up like Cousin Brucie. He asked if he still works there. He said he took a picture with him once had he had his hands around his neck. He said the guy is a big guy. He said he could probably beat the shit out of him. Robin asked if he could do that at his advanced age. Howard said yes. He sang along with ”Save Yourself.”

Howard said he got a note saying ”What Do I Have To Do” is another hit by Stabbing Westward. He had Fred play that too. He said this isn’t a hit song. He asked when it’s going to kick in. He said this could be a song for him. He said he could sing like that. Howard said that one doesn’t have the same kind of vibe. He said that’s not a hit song. He said he’d like to get those guys in there to sing ”Save Yourself.” Mick Jagger being brutally hit at a The Rolling Stones show was revealed a few days ago.