Deftones Hiring Big Marilyn Manson Name?


It has recently been reported and confirmed that now-former Deftones bassist Sergio Vega has departed the group. Vega had joined the band back in 2009 after replacing Chi Cheng. This would be after a tragic car accident that would lead to the death of Cheng back on April 13th, 2013.

On Instagram, Vega would address being let go by stating the following remarks: “Our respective management had a conversation to discuss a new contract, and they offered me the same deal. At that point. It was clear there was no opportunity for growth for me… I call the guys immediately to see where the miscommunication was to resolve it. But there was no response.”

Vega’s last effort with the Deftones would be the group’s ninth studio album ‘Ohms’ which was released back in 2020. For now, people are speculating who the next bassist for the beloved group will be. While names have been speculated, one user on the Deftones subreddit believes they have the answer – pointing to a touring member for controversial shock rocker Marilyn Manson, that name being Fred Sablan. Sablan’s most recent project is the hardcore punk band called Heavens Blade.

The user would proclaim: “There was a rumor on a Deftones Facebook fan page that the new bassist will be Fred Sablan, who’s been a touring bassist for Marilyn Manson and Chelsea Wolfe. His social media has been totally quiet, but for some reason, this one stuck with me. It almost feels like a likelier possibility than Shavo Odadjian or Les Claypool who some fans have hoped for, and this guy’s name wasn’t on the tip of anyone’s tongue. But really, we have no information other than rumors and guesses and probably won’t know until someone is standing on stage with them next weekend and fans figure it out from photos and videos.”