Ed Kowalczyk Suddenly Fires Live Bandmate


Live have had their fair share of drama throughout the years. Fans have pointed fingers at who they fill the biggest issue of the band was, but it looks like that might be wrong according to Live drummer, Chad Gracey. 

Chad took to social media to clear the air on why Live may no longer be an active band by stating the following: “For anyone interested…..Ed is not the problem in this band….and it’s not this Chad…..and he doesn’t play bass. We have among us a person that stirs and then, no pun intended, sells drama.”

As far as this goes, it seems that Chad Gracey is talking about Chad Taylor who is the guitarist of the band. This comes just a day after the lead singer, Ed Kowalczyk released a brief statement about the band.

Ed stated: “I would love to perform – but it’s not possible in the current situation with the band – the three other original members are not speaking to each other – and I am stuck in the middle – and if I try to solo, there is a good chance they will sue me again – so I have to do what’s best for me and my family and stay out of litigation by not performing in public at all. Hopefully, things change but until then I have to lay low.”

Ed took the higher road by not speaking any names, but Chad would continue about the band adding: “I could list what he has done to me personally but I won’t except to say this….I didn’t play drums on Local 717. It was Robin Diaz. The “producer” lied to me about what was happening with it and then lied to everyone else about why I “couldn’t play” on that EP. Then I was coerced and manipulated into playing along like it didn’t happen. This is indicative of what has been going on in this band for a long time…….Ed IS NOT the problem!”

In an update, in a surprising turn of events. It is now reported that LIVE frontman Ed Kowalczyk now has principal ownership of the group. Kowalczyk would take to social media via Instagram to state that he now owns a majority share of LIVE, with Chad Taylor, the group’s lead guitarist now out of the band for good. The statement went as follows and can fully be seen below.

“As of last evening, I control 55% percent of LIVE. Chad Taylor is fired. He will never stop the music again. Thank you for your amazing love and support. I cried multiple times yesterday reading your comments and messages – it meant the world to me and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”