Eddie Van Halen ‘Brain Tumor’ Accident Revealed


Eddie Van Halen‘s health struggled in his final years were detailed by his son Wolfgang Van Halen on The Howard Stern Show on Monday. Alternative Nation recapped Wolfgang’s summary of his father’s health issues, and of the canceled final Van Halen tour.

Eddie Van Halen was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2017, and treatments in Germany added years to his life. Wolfgang convinced Eddie to do a ‘Kitchen Sink’ tour featuring all present and past members of Van Halen, featuring David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony, and Sammy Hagar, with even Gary Cherone featured as a guest. Wolfgang kept delaying his solo album to coordinate with the tour and due to his father’s health, but Eddie’s health kept pushing things back.

In early 2019 Eddie had a motorcycle accident where it was discovered that he also had a brain tumor, and he then had gamma knife surgery. This was around the time that David Lee Roth had just proclaimed that the tour would happen in summer 2019, and this is what likely put an end to the ‘Kitchen Sink’ tour.

Wolfgang released his debut solo song “Distance” on Monday, a tribute to his father. He also teased “You’re to Blame” on The Howard Stern Show. He said Eddie was driven to tears by his ‘Mammoth WVH’ solo album.