Foo Fighters Debut New Songs Holding Poison & Making A Fire


Foo Fighters debuted teasers of three new Medicine at Midnight songs on Saturday at The Roxy in Los Angeles: Holding Poison, Making a Fire, and No Son of Mine. Some fans on Reddit weren’t too pumped up about the teasers. You can click over to a Reddit embed for the previews.

Kman10k posted, “Are they becoming way too dependent on back up singers for all their songs or was this done on purpose?”

Jankowski576 chimed in, “Yikes these don’t sound good at all! It just doesn’t fit in with Dave’s “stadium singing along” description, but I probably shouldn’t overreact to tiny snippets

RoutingFrames said, “I’m gonna go listen to Wasting Light and cry. This is garbageeee.”

Zod5000 wrote about the show, “I was just getting into it when it ended. I thought it ran a bit too short. We had just finished coming off the Metallica livestream, which they played for a few hours, and had an amazing sound mix. I give this round to Metallica.”

Baxterstrangelove added, “Lads, play something other than the same bloody singles over and over… There are 3 tunes off each album that deserve the live treatment. You are doing this for 15 bucks, not the typical 10 times cost, and people are watching from the comfort of their homes. These songs are great for big field and arenas but this is for the fans!!”

Making A Fire (teaser)
All My Life
The Pretender
The Sky Is A Neighborhood
Times Like These
Shame Shame
My Hero
These Days
Learn To Fly
Holding Poison (teaser)
This Is A Call
No Son of Mine (teaser)
Make It Right
Best of You

NEW SONGS LIVE 🙂 from r/Foofighters