Wolfgang Van Halen New Album Title Revealed


Wolfgang Van Halen has a new album coming out, and it is the debut record from the son of Eddie Van Halen. Alternative Nation has seen a press availability message, and it appears the new album title is Mammoth, the original name of the earliest incarnation of Van Halen.

Wolfgang is set to appear on The Howard Stern Show on Monday, followed by an appearance on NBC’s The Today Show. Eddie Vedder just told Howard Stern that Eddie Van Halen wrote him a nice note. He will debut the song “Distance”, a tribute to his late father on The Howard Stern Show on Monday. Stern said on his show that he was sent the song, and that it will definitely move fans to tears when they hear it.

Wolfgang reacted to a troll claiming he is ‘leeching’ off his father’s name with his new album and single.

“Still leeching off of your fathers name I see. You talentless fucking hack. Leave the band and give your spot back to it’s rightful owner you lowlife cunt.”

Wolfgang shot back, “I don’t have the energy to come up with a joke for this, just look at this lame asshole lol. What a sad life this dude must lead.”

Another fan told Wolfgang he should ignore trolls, and Wolfgang responded, “Dude I’m literally laughing at it. How much more do you want me to let go?” Wolfgang’s father Eddie Van Halen tragically died from cancer last month.