Eddie Van Halen Disease ‘Treatment’ Claim Revealed


Eddie Van Halen health rumors have swirled around online this year, and the man who started them earlier this year after the Van Halen reunion tour with Michael Anthony fell through is popular SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk. The rumors caught fire last week when David Lee Roth said he had heard the rumors, but refused to elaborate or speculate. Eddie Trunk also revealed that he was sent a photo of Eddie Van Halen at a restaurant bar where he looks ‘different’ just a few days ago. Trunk also said on his SiriusXM programs that he heard rumors of Eddie Van Halen getting ‘treatment’ for a possible illness. It’s important to note that Eddie Van Halen and his family have not confirmed any reports of an illness, and hopefully this is all a misunderstanding on the part of fans.

Trunk said, “There’s been rumors that he’s been going out of the country, trying to get treatments for whatever he’s been battling. I don’t know, it’s all a big, big cloak of mystery to get any real information.”

Neanderpaul, who did the interview with Roth where he responded to the health rumors, posted on VHLinks.com, “Well… Thought I’d stop by to get a feel of how this little tidbit went over. We were the last interview of his schedule for the day. He’d already done the ones you’ve read elsewhere. I think Dave was tired. We were the only ones who got that kind of answer. Perhaps a bit of fatigue set in, and he shared a little. As we all know, it’s rare that Dave gets real.

We felt it was a moment of contemplation. I had no choice but to ask him the follow-up question. Once I knew he was uncomfortable, I shut down the discussion immediately. There is an unintelligible part as I’m doing that, about ‘cancelled tours.’ We listened back several times and weren’t able to ascertain what he said.

David has always been fair to me when we’ve spoken, and I’ve never had a bad experience with the Van Halen camp. So, although the subject came up, I didn’t want to push it. It simply wasn’t worth the potential loss of professional courtesy we’ve built over the years.

As I wrote on my site, Dave knew what he said. He also knew we were recording, and never asked us to omit the comment for any future postings. We’d love nothing more than for this to not be as cryptic as it sounds.” Eddie Van Halen broke his silence after illness rumors a few days ago.