Eddie Van Halen Bar Photo Leaks After Illness Rumor


Eddie Van Halen had tongue cancer years ago and bravely overcame it, but there have been whispers this year by Eddie Trunk that he may allegedly be ill again, with new rumors after David Lee Roth revealing he heard rumors but refusing to elaborate a couple of days ago. Eddie Trunk has now revealed on his SiriusXM show that a new photo of Eddie Van Halen was leaked to him at a bar restaurant, where he was eating dinner and not drinking, as he is clean and sober. Alternative Nation transcribed Trunk’s remarks. Eddie Van Halen broke his silence yesterday.

“Eddie Van Halen recently was in a friend of mine’s bar & restaurant in Hollywood not too long ago. He was incognito but apparently there – not drinking by the way, it’s important to note that. There’s a lot of people that see: ‘Eddie Van Halen & Bar,’ they think he’s there getting soused but he was not drinking but rather just meeting friends and getting something to eat.”

Trunk added, “Look, I saw a covert photo if you will and he looked good but he looked different. His hair was a little longer, he was wearing shades, and looking at one of the TVs, just a dude hanging out. Eddie seemingly looked okay but you just don’t know what he is going through.” A Van Halen icon savagely mocked Keith Richards recently.