Freddie Mercury Disturbing David Bowie Fight Revealed


David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones recently told a funny story about his father and late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury arguing. A bizarre Howard Stern rant about trying to book David Bowie for his show before he died recently leaked.

Parham Ghobadi first tweeted a video, “Ivanka Trump appears to be trying to get involved in a talk among Macron, May, Trudeau and Lagarde (IMF head).

The video is released by French Presidential palace.

Eric Schmeltzer responded, “The French know what this looks like.

The French posted it, anyway.

The French are saying she didn’t belong there.”

Duncan Jones then chimed in, “I understand where Ivanka is coming from…

Reminds me of that afternoon I wandered up to my dad and Freddie Mercury who were in a furious argument, & I solved it by telling them their new song just needed a car chase!

Kids will negotiate the darndest things!”

He also tweeted yesterday, “Just had a sweet memory from yester-year. One of the people who gave me a prod off encouragement & took the time to interact in a genuine way with an utterly naive young filmmaker wannabe 15+ years ago. The Solid Snake himself, @DavidBHayter. Maybe give him a follow!”

“Today’s work is an absolute DREAM job… One of the best bits of making a film.
Today I am writing out the important details needed to be covered in the pieces that make up the concept art list for Rogue Trooper. The pre-pro art team will be starting their work LATER THIS WEEK!”

“Honestly, if I wasn’t so damn busy, I would be working on a gargoyle movie right now. Someone needs to make a gargoyle movie. Gargoyles are the bomb.”

Freddie Mercury making a bizarre Jimi Hendrix claim recently was revealed by Brian May.