Paul McCartney ‘Depressing’ Airport Photos Revealed


Paul McCartney superfan Andreu took to social media via Twitter to document a meeting that they had with Sir Paul at JFK Airport in New York, New York. Although he looks bummed in the first two pictures he quickly turned that frown upside down! McCartney looks simply dapper in this stylish and handsome wool jacket. You can view the photos below. Paul McCartney revealed what Johnny Depp did to his wife.

In other news regarding Paul McCartney and his legendary group – The Beatles, fans took to social media to praise the band’s sixth studio album, ‘Rubber Soul’ which was released back in 1965.  The album recently had it’s anniversary.

Billy Joel revealed this ‘offensive’ Paul McCartney remark not too long ago. One fan said: “Well, what more can be said about the Beatles signature LP, “Rubber Soul” that hasn’t been said by many of the fine reviews here. I have a previous pressing of Rubber Soul (Capital mono), and this new pressing is head and shoulders above that. I dropped the needle and was completely blown away by the clarity of the vocals and the instrumentation of all of the tracks. John [Lennon]’s vocals on “Girl” are astounding; Paul’s bass really pumps; Ringo’s perfect playing; as well as George [Harrison]’s rockabilly licks come flying out in the room. I can’t get enough of this wonderful addition to my Beatles collection. I can’t wait to see what Giles Martin can do with the remastering of the White Album. Many thanks to the crew at Abbey Road studios.”

Whereas another fan proclaimed: “I’d have given it five stars when it first came out on vinyl too. I even remember when and where I bought it. Listening to this the first time, even in my college days, I realized. these guys were way more than just pop-rock stars. And who had any idea what would follow this? I was surprised recently that I didn’t already have it. I think I triple checked, and sure enough, when my vinyl went, it wasn’t replaced. Don’t ask me why . Still one of their best and more progressive works. Ringo Starr recently unloaded on Paul McCartney ‘hatred’.