Eddie Vedder Reacts To ‘Creepy’ Soundalike Singer


Eddie Vedder is a big fan of a soundalike singer who sings for a Pearl Jam cover band called Black Circle, according to his wife Jill.

Jill Vedder wrote, “Our boys are killing it ! I love you @blackcirclepj thank you for lending your beautiful voice and sound to our eb community 🦋@ebresearch.”

A fan commented, “Creepy similarity. I wonder if Eddie likes?” Jill shot back, “He does and we love them .. they have become great friends.”

A Pearl Jam fan named barryhorowitz99 recently discussed experiencing Ten on LSD. He posted on Reddit, “Hello Pearl Jam lovers. I am asking for your guidance right now as to what rock albums/artists to start listening to now after an experience I recently had with Pearl Jam’s album, Ten. IF YOU DON’T READ ANYTHING FURTHER JUST KNOW: that I had never been exposed to the wide genre of rock n roll until I listened to the album while on acid this past summer.

This was an AMAZING experience and I want to continue on in my journey through this genre of music. I went through the rest of Pearl Jam’s music like Vs and Vitalogy. BUT I NEED GUIDANCE on where to go from here… what do I listen to next in this process? Please drop albums, artists, songs, anything that you think would organically introduce me to this music.”

Kurnelk had the perfect answer, “Love this… the OG has to be Revolver by The Beatles. It was basically made on acid to listen to on acid. Metallica’s Black album is a classic and sounds great. Also have a look through Led Zeppelin and The Who’s catalogue.”