Sammy Hagar Reveals Tragic Alex Van Halen Call


Sammy Hagar revealed that he has tried calling Alex Van Halen three times since the death of Eddie Van Halen last month. Alternative Nation transcribed Hagar’s response when Eddie Trunk asked if he knew how Alex was doing in a new SiriusXM interview. Hagar is open to playing with Alex Van Halen.

Hagar said, “I have no idea. I reached out to Alex the day I heard. I reached out to him a couple days later. I reached out to him again two weeks ago, and no response. Obviously he’s grieving, or maybe I got the wrong number. I don’t know.

I feel very bad for Alex. Alex has played his whole life with his brother, I just can’t imagine what he would want to do musically from here on out. Alex is a great musician, he’s not just a drummer, but he plays keyboards and stuff.

He’s a tech kind of guy, he knows a lot about ProTools and stuff. He could do something, I’m not sure what he could do, but I’d imagine he’s in deep thought right now. My love goes out to him, I tell you right now man. That would be the hardest thing ever.”

Alex Van Halen has only offered one statement on his brother Eddie’s death. Alex wrote to the Van Halen News Desk, “Hey Ed. Love you. See you on the other side. Your brother, Al.” David Lee Roth echoed this sentiment on his own tribute, writing on a piece of his artwork, “Hey Ed. I’m gonna miss ya. See you on the other side…”