Eddie Van Halen Family Leaks Horrible ‘Coughing’ Photo


Eddie Van Halen‘s lovely wife Janie Van Halen has uploaded a new photo of herself with a bad cough as she has a horrible cold.

Janie wrote, “Yeah, this. 😷🙄 #caughtacold #coughing #sneezing #stuffynose #runnynose #feellike💩.”

Eddie Van Halen posted a new photo of himself taking vitamins after confirming his wife’s sickness a couple of days ago. JapeApe posted on VHLinks.com about the photo, “Ed most definitely is retired. Looks like he’s been through a lot, the past few years. Speaking of vitamins…

Try Vitafusion Multi for Men. I don’t know what the hell are in those, but i’m sprung like a spring chicken. I bought them on sale, had no idea, they are in Gummi form. I ended up grabbing a second bottle (150 in each).” VH1986 wrote, “Ed and Kody make a great team. I like Ed’s hat.”

Darrin Stephens said, “Janie has been home sick with some crud, so likely why the reference to zinc etc….. and why he is anywhere but home, lol.” Raldo chimed in, “Was wondering how Ed has been lately.”

Roeland said on Facebook, “Happy New Year and winning good Health Ed (*_*) SuperCool Cody getting the same supplements haha of coarse, ps take David Sinclair Advice and pills (his knowledge is abnormal Harvard professor with science team anti aging and cell damage repair).”

Jim commented, “Mr. Van Halen. It’s none of my business about your personal life. I do wish you all the best in health and happiness. Been a fan for forty plus years. I will be here waiting for.your return in what ever form that may be. We are out here and we always will be!! Best wishes to you and yours.” Sammy Hagar recently revealed why Eddie Van Halen is ‘done.’