Eddie Van Halen Funeral Details Reportedly Confirmed


The Eddie Van Halen funeral will reportedly take place in the next few weeks, we’ve learned from VHLinks’ Right-Here-I-Say from a family source, who also says the legendary guitarist will be cremated. Eddie Van Halen’s rumored last call with David Lee Roth was recently detailed.

Bret Michaels also recently told Eddie Trunk on SiriusXM about Eddie Van Halen’s death, “It’s devastating. Eddie Van Halen, going beyond the guitar wizardry, the original playing, the sound, the guy was one of the few guys that could mix insane guitar licks with writing great songs. It was the perfect combination. And I think all of us, especially me, I was just devastated to hear the news. And for, obviously, his immediate family and friends, it’s painful to hear the news. He was such an unbelievable guitarist and guy.”

“I remember it beyond specifically. This is a true story. I was at my friend’s basement in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. And I remember being down there, and we heard ‘Eruption’. And then, all of a sudden — his brother owned the album, and it kicked into ‘You Really Got Me’. And that moment — not that day; that moment — changed my life. It was the best sound I’d ever heard.”

“I heard people talking about the album, but there wasn’t social media then, so you heard it through word of mouth. And that moment changed my life.”

Jon Bono Jovi told Kelly Clarkson about if he had met Eddie before he died, “I had met Eddie a number of times over the years. Angus Young was also stunned by Eddie Van Halen’s death.

“Any kid who ever looked at the electric guitar had to think of Eddie Van Halen. He was an innovator, a genuine, unique soul, and there’s a huge void there now forever. We were lucky to have had him. He was an incredible talent.”