Eddie Van Halen Son Drops Movie Bombshell


Eddie Van Halen‘s son Wolfgang Van Halen has confirmed Eddie’s secret work on the movie Back to the Future in a new tweet. Wolfgang just detailed a voicemail recording Eddie left him behind.

A fan asked, “Let’s discuss the #BackToTheFuture ‘Van Halen’ tape scene…Was that Edward? As an 8 year old and forever fan of the film when I first saw it and the band since 1983…any info?”

Back to the Future’s official Twitter account responded, “It was.” Wolfgang said, “Can confirm.”

Wolfgang Van Halen has also announced the release off official merchandise for his Mammoth project. He wrote, “We’ve got merch! Raising hands. Proceeds go to @HollandsOpusFdn! 2 shirts for now, but we’ve got a lot planned for the album release in 2021! Hit up http://mammothwvh.com if you’re interested! Have a wonderful day! You look great btw.”

He added, “Here are the shirts, if y’all are interested… A VHS style m logo, and a “Distance” shirt with the logo on the sleeve. Hope your holidays have been lovely, keep being awesome and stay safe.”

Wolfgang Van Halen recently debuted his first solo song “Distance” for his father, who tragically died from cancer in October. Wolfgang will release his debut solo album in spring 2021, only his second music release after Van Halen’s final 2012 album A Different Kind of Truth.