Why New Foo Fighters Single Is A Shame


Few things in life possess the same level of reliability that the Foo Fighters do. For a quarter of a century, Dave Grohl and company have been churning out rock anthems, huge hits and killer albums. At this point in time, the Foo Fighters are firmly established as the ambassadors of rock. A band who simultaneously harken back to the old days and drive rock music for this new generation. So, it’s kind of strange to feel like the announcement of their upcoming tenth studio album, Medicine to Midnight is kind of a shame.

Now. Not the news so much as the resounding meh I feel about the album’s lead single, “Shame Shame.” Concrete & Gold, for all of my gold, is a top four Foo Fighters record. Fun. Exciting and almost entirely devoid of generic mid-tempo by the book Foo Fighters stock. I like when my Foo Fighters rock. I respect the “Walk,” “These Days,” “Long Road to Ruin” and “Times Like These” of their catalog. But I prefer them at their grittiest and most bad ass. That’s why “Shame Shame” is so perplexing. It’s not a softer rock song. So, YAY! But what the hell is it exactly?

I’m convinced that any of the six dudes who are Foo Fighters right now can roll out of bed and write a great song. And truthfully, they kind of did that with “Shame Shame.” The song moves and flows in an 80’s New Wave esque type way all while the melody kind of sticks with you. But is it what I want to hear from the Foo Fighters? Kind of not. Now. I will say. Another of my favorite bands has recently made their foray into odd pop way outside of their wheelhouse but the last three Weezer albums have left me permanently scarred so I’ll digress. This isn’t Pacific Daydream bad. It’s just not my bag.

I’m not going to judge a book by its cover. And who the hell be I to write off one of my favorite bands just because I’m not lusting after their latest release? I totally believe Medicine to Midnight will kick ass. I guess the real shame is my inability to be open-minded enough to embrace Dave & the boys odd new direction. Come February 5th, 2021 though, I’m sure I’ll be headbanging listening to the album; “Shame Shame” included.