Pearl Jam North American Tour First Shows Leak?


Eddie Vedder recently saw himself in a bit of a dilemma as fans were a bit let down by the ticket prices for his solo shows. Thankfully, not all fingers were pointed at Eddie Vedder as there wasn’t much that could be done on his end as he is unable to control ticket prices.

While fans may not be able to see Eddie Vedder at upcoming solo shows, they may be able to see Eddie with the rest of the Pearl Jam crew as they may be coming back sooner rather than later.

On the Pearl Jam Ten Club forums, there’s no official word as to when we could be seeing the band start up a whole new tour under the Pearl Jam banner, but we do have clues as to where they may stop at and there are also some hints on when this will be happening.

Thankfully, there’s always somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody and this has helped out many fans of the band as one user stated that they had connections that had connections to the band.

It looks like many within the area of New York City will be able to see Pearl Jam live and in concert this coming year of 2022 as the person with the connections said that their connection gave a nod to the band playing in New York City in the coming year. Pearl Jam did just release a statement on 2022 touring.

Fans in Atlanta also want to see Pearl Jam, but there’s no word on that just yet.

The source via the forums (Jmug23) stated: “Don’t know if this has already been posted as I have not been here in awhile but figured I’d share some tour info. My good friend has a very close connection to one of the band members so his info is always 100%.  Again, maybe this has already been posted but I’m not reading through all the pages. They are playing the Apollo and MSG 2 nights end of next year. Total of three nights I believe. I believe November. So id assume that’s inline with an east coast swing. He already has his ‘tickets’. I don’t want to release too much more and get someone in trouble. Just thought I’d share.”