Eddie Vedder Announces Birth Of Baby In Adorable Video


Eddie Vedder gave a shoutout to PearlJamOnline.it’s Daria and Luca at a recent show in Padova. He said that they gave him a book they wrote when he was in Taormina called Pearl Jam Evolution. Ed said he is sure the book is good, but it is in Italian. He held up a photo of their new newborn daughter Eleonora and dedicated “Smile” to her.

“We want to to welcome her to the earth’s atmosphere, and tell her that it’s going to be okay, and that we love her already. Cheers to you, congratulations. This one is for you.”

Watch video below.

Luca Villa & Daria Moretti from PearlJamOnline.it published a book about Pearl Jam titled Pearl Jam Evolution in 2016. At 472 pages, it is the longest unofficial Pearl Jam biography. It features exclusive interviews with Mark Arm, Dave Krusen, Jack Irons and Richard Stuverud. It is currently only available in Italian.

The Amazon description states: “Twenty-five years after their birth, Pearl Jam is one of the last great rock bands left in circulation. The curators of pearljamonline.it, Daria Moretti and Luca Villa, give life to the most detailed and updated biography ever published on the Seattle band. A long journey not only musical, which outlines the artistic and human evolution through interviews, statements and in-depth analysis of records and tours. Evolution digs deep into the history of Pearl Jam to return an honest and passionate portrait of one of the most beautiful stories in rock.”