Eddie Vedder Appears On Huge Netflix Show With A-List Actress


Several fans on Twitter have noticed that Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and his wife Jill were seated next to actress Laura Dern for the filming of Ellen DeGeneres’ new Netflix special Relatable. Laura Dern starred on Season 3 of Twin Peaks last year, which featured a special appearance by Vedder performing “Out of Sand”. She also starred in 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Steven Moore tweeted, “Is this Eddie Vedder in the audience of @TheEllenShow #Relatable special on #Netflix ? #Pearljam.”

Ling Ling tweeted, “SPOTTED eddie vedder en el stand up de Ellen ????? my two true passions.”

Harrison Golden tweeted, “One question I never thought I’d ask myself while watching Ellen’s Netflix special: ‘Is that… Eddie Vedder?'”

Alex tweeted, “I am sure that Eddie Vedder’s new life as an Ellen show audience member has granted him many freedoms.”

Wayne Hagel tweeted, “You know what the weirdest part of the Ellen Degeneres special was? She calls out her pal Laura Dern in the second row, and Eddie Vedder’s sitting next to her, likely a completely random presence to that audience. Degeneres must have one hell of an interesting circle of friends.”

Rhonda tweeted, “I just found my doppelgänger from the 90’s Laura Dern & my crush Eddie Vedder ??? they’re at the @TheEllenShow Netflix special ❤️❤️❤️.”

Narissa Johnson tweeted, “Just saw #EllenDeGeneres’ Netflix special. I never saw @TheEllenShow, but I remember when her sitcom was on – and then was pulled. I remember being confused that her being gay mattered. I like this full circle. (Also: dont think I didn’t notice Eddie Vedder was in the audience.)”