Rush Reveal If Neil Peart Was ‘Alone’ When He Died


Rush historian Donna Halper recently gave fans of the group and of recently deceased drummer Neil Peart when she disclosed that Peart spent the last of his days ‘on his terms’, tweeting out: “It’s a brutal disease, which has taken a number of good people from us. The only consolation I can find is that Neil died as he lived, on his terms, his way; and he was surrounded by the people he loved most, who gave him comfort in his final days.” Neil Peart cancer ‘freak out’ remark to Rush leaks.

Fans have consistently been eulogizing Peart since the acclaimed Rush drummer died not too long ago. Over on prominent Rush message board, TheRushForum one member by the name of Daylin discussed in detail what Neil Peart, his music and lyrics meant to them.

The last publicly released photo of Neil Peart before his death surfaced last week. The user wrote: “I know I wrote a very brief sentence when I first heard of Neil Peart passing away, but as the days pass I’d like to share something with all of you and just ‘get it out there’ seeing how his lyrics played a huge part of my learning and my life. I have to go back to 1981-83 in high school art class.  There was another gal in that class with me who I’ll call TM.  She was the only female Rush fan I knew.  Remember, back then there weren’t many. Well, we would write down in our special Rush notebooks the lyrics to the songs and we would discuss them.  What they meant.  What they were about.  What they meant to us.  We would look up new words and look up things that we didn’t know about.  I loved to do that.  I always did that.  I excelled in English Lit., and I do owe that to Neil.  He inspired me with his words.  He inspired me to write.  So, thank you, Mr. Peart, for all of the hours of pleasure your words brought to me.”

The user concluded: “On another note – when I was fifteen I climbed out my bedroom window to go to a Rush concert.  I will never regret the consequences when I got caught creeping back in. I would do it again! Neil Peart was and always will be my poet.” Rush’s last statement before Neil Peart died was released last week.