Eddie Vedder Brutally Disrespected By John Oliver


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder being struck by lightning and dying was depicted in a comedic ‘Last Week Tonight’ with John Oliver sketch on HBO on Sunday. Eddie Vedder’s wife leaked a Julia Roberts kiss photo a few days ago.

Alternative Nation transcribed Oliver’s remarks. Oliver said when playing a weatherman character, “Hi there, I would like to issue a very important warning for the DC area. According to our thousand day forecast model, superstorm Barry is going to cause significant harm to the national weather service. As you can see it originated over here at AccuWeather headquarters, and it’s been gravitating towards Noah for nearly two years now. If it makes landfall, our model suggests there could be significant damage.

I’m talking mass reindeer suicide sliding Santa off a roof damage, that’s a lot. Because we do not want the whole country to be like Eddie Vedder, in a position where unless we pay AccuWeather, bang, ‘Well, we’re not alive. Baaaay, we’re not alive!’” Eddie Vedder got a huge paycheck with Adam Sandler last week.

Oliver showed Vedder being struck by lightning, and sang in his voice in a mocking tone. He concluded, “What I’m saying is superstorm Barry hitting the national weather service could cause a massive date freeze while unfortunately over at AccuWeather, there is going to be around a 95% chance of making it rain.” The YouTube description for the segment states, “John Oliver discusses the tension between the public and private worlds of predicting the weather.” Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan took a vicious shot at John Oliver earlier this year.