Greta Van Fleet Singer Makes Terrifying Announcement


Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka has confirmed that his illness has developed into the flu, leading to the band’s third straight canceled performance.

Greta Van Fleet said, “It is an incredible disappointment to share we must reschedule our Philadelphia performances. Tickets for October 15 will be valid for December 29 and tickets for October 16 will be valid for December 30, and can also be refunded at point of purchase.

Josh has been fighting an illness the past couple of days trying to feel better, but unfortunately his symptoms have developed into the flu. The only way to deliver the best performance for you is if we are all healthy. Thank you for your understanding, it will be tremendous to reunite for revelry.”

A Greta Van Fleet member recently suffered a wardrobe malfunction at a show. Rugby1232 posted on Reddit, “Understand that health comes first. But it’s so disappointing that they cancel it a day before the show when hotels can’t be refunded and neither can leave days off work

dragontattman said, “Try an hour before the show. They cancelled on us in February in Melbourne. We were in the hotel, about to walk down to the gig, and get an email. They came back in September and the show was fucking amazing, but I know how you feel 😥.”

jlobrillo1974 chimed in, “Yeah, I got stuck in Nashville last night. Lost 2 days of time off, 14hrs in a car total, $200+ for gas, food, hotel, and 2 heartbroken daughters who patiently waited 4 months to see them live. What did I get in return? A refund on the tickets because I can’t make the rescheduled date. Been going to concerts for over 30 years. Never seen a band that cancels more shows than these guys.

All the talk about their label ‘pushing’ them is a crock of crap. This is the lifestyle they chose. They are making crap loads of money. I don’t feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for the rest of us fans that lost ass loads of money and time committing to this band and they let us down.” Josh Kiszka fell onstage in a brutal video last week.