Eddie Vedder Confirms ‘Terrifying’ News In First Tweet


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder has responded to How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor’s new song set to President Donald Trump’s recent rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Vedder backed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election. Vedder referred to the ongoing Trump administration as a ‘terrifying situation.’

Radnor tweeted, “I set Trump’s insane Tulsa rally ramp speech to music. He is not a good lyricist.”

Eddie responded via his wife Jill’s Twitter, “Hey there Josh.,,I’m not on Twitter but someone close to me sent this… It is a truly epic story and your rendition really brings home the fraught nature of a terrifying situation. Nice work brother. -Ed Vedder.”

Pearl Jam fans on the Ten Club board recently discussed the possibility of a drive in concert. Zod posted, “I also think it’s unlikely. However these are unprecedented times 🙂 Under normal circumstances we know that some members of the band struggle with being on the road. Hence they seem to try to play in front of a large amount of fans over a shorter amount of time. Get maximum bang for their effort.

With all the space cars and the social distancing space would take up, I can’t imagine capacity would be that big. It’d be the equivalent of touring to small crowds? Would they go out to tour to smaller audiences. I doubt it, but maybe the extra time off has them itching to play.

Maybe they’d do it as a gimmick for a single show, but they also never seem to be a gimmicky kind of band. If I were a betting man i’d bet against it.”