Eddie Vedder Embarrassed By Shinedown Guitarist


Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers recently spoke about Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. He spoke to Ethan Jackson of Topeka’s rock radio station V100 about the lyrical inspiration for the band’s latest single, Planet Zero” the title track of Shinedown’s upcoming seventh studio album, which will arrive on April 22 via Atlantic Records. Previously, Foo Fighters revealed ‘wrong’ rumors about Eddie Vedder.

Zach Myers: “I vehemently disagree with 80 percent of what Eddie Vedder says politically”

During the conversation, he revealed that he disagrees with the opinions of Vedder on political matters. “We live in a society now where everything has to be a hardline,” he continued.

He stated that he might disagree with Vedder but that doesn’t prevent him from listening to Vedder-fronted band, Pearl Jam. He spoke about a wrong perception regarding the disagreement which people have these days:

“Listen, I vehemently disagree with 80 percent of what Eddie Vedder says politically; I’m still gonna listen to Pearl Jam. We live in a society where if you disagree with someone, that means you don’t respect them and you can’t be friends anymore. And that doesn’t have to be that way; I don’t think so. I enjoy disagreeing with people because maybe I’ll learn something.”

Myers noted that people are silenced when it’s not a popular opinion:

“You’ve got people who, if they have an opinion about something, it doesn’t matter what it is, but if it’s not the popular opinion of what’s going on right now, they’re silenced or they’re told to shut up,” Myers added. “It just feels like the planet [is] kind of headed into this weird future, and we felt like we had to say something about it.”

He added that the opinions should not be suppressed if it is not a racist slur or a hate speech:

“If you’re a ridiculous person and you’re spewing hate speech or whatever, that’s a different ballgame. But if you just say, ‘This is what I think,’ and you’re not a bigot or a racist and you’re [not] throwing our hate speech, you shouldn’t be canceled for your opinion. I think that’s a real wide range. As I said, we live in this hardline society. That’s kind of what the song is about.”

The official music video for Planet Zero” was released on March 3. The clip arrived as “Planet Zero” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Airplay chart.