Tom Morello Reveals Unreleased Audioslave Material Fight: ‘F*ck You!’


Tom Morello revealed in a new interview with Kerrang’s “In Conversation With” series that unreleased Audioslave material will be released someday. Morello has discussed the material a few times since Chris Cornell’s death. Morello said Tim Commerford fought the label to stop an unreleased song from being the lead single off of Revelations.

Asked about the song “Sleight Of Hand”, which Audioslave played live but never released as a studio recording, Morello said: “It was gonna be the first single for [Audioslave’s third and final studio album, 2006’s] Revelations, but then Timmy [bassist Tim Commerford] really hated it, ’cause he thought it sounded like a Danzig song, which is weird. And then he yelled ‘Fuck you!’ a lot to the head of the label. Next thing you know, we just said, ‘Let’s not put it on the record, ’cause we’re about to get dropped.'”

Morello continued: “That one will see the light of day. There’s some other jams too — there’s some other real good jams — but I don’t know when [they will surface]. [There’s] no plans for that.”

Audioslave split after releasing Revelations, with Chris Cornell leaving the band in early 2007. The band reunited a decade later in January 2017 for a performance in Los Angeles at the Anti-Inaugural Ball, and the band discussed possibly going on a reunion tour. Chris Cornell died in May 2017.