Tool Singer Pitches Hilarious New Song Names


Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan posted a hilarious screenshot on his Instagram account. In the screenshot, someone sent a direct message to Keenan which reads, “hey can you please make a song about showers i hooked up with a tool fan and it was unpleasant. [sic]”

The singer joked in the caption of the post that he’s on to making a song about it, and even added potential names for the track like “Bathe Inoculum”, “Soap Fist”, “Showber”, and “Scrub Song”.

The comments of the post also have plenty of shower and toiletry related song titles.

Keenan is also in A Perfect Circle, and his bandmate Billy Howerdel released his debut solo album on June 10th a couple of years ago, titled “What Normal Was”.

He released the debut single “Poison Flowers” and announced the album together that same year.

Howerdel said that his solo album is him stepping back into his early teen self and making the record that he would’ve made if he had the means and the knowledge when he first picked up a guitar. He compared his album to the moment when he first heard a record, closed his eyes, and went somewhere else in his mind. He added that that was the time he found his proverbial lane.

Howerdel also went on a solo tour which kicked off on June 11th a couple years ago. He was also present with Keenan’s band Puscifer at some venues along the way on tour this year.