Eddie Vedder Mocks Famous 80’s Band At Pearl Jam Show


During Pearl Jam’s performance at Wrigley Field in Chicago on Saturday night, Eddie Vedder had some fun with a fan wearing a Whitesnake shirt during “Better Man/Save It For Later.”

Ed sings, “Ohhhhh, am I hearing everybody?” The audience picks up and sings a sustained “ohhhhhhh” then the song kicks back in. Mike McCready runs laps around his pedal board. Ed says he has spotted a person that he says is the type of person that this song is about. It is not about being a victim. There is this woman down there. Legs can you get her. Ed points out a guy wearing a t-shirt that says Janet Fucking Weiss. She is the drummer for Sleater-Kinney and friend of Matt Cameron.

He then spends a few moments teasing a guy with a Whitesnake shirt. Ed hopes it is being worn with a sense of irony but the guy shakes his head no and points at Mike McCready. Ed warns the guy to not blame that shirt on Mike McCready. He teases the guy a little more before he finally gets to the woman he wants to point out. She is wearing a t-shirt that says “unfuckwithable” Ed loves the shirt and sentiment. We should all be unfuckwithable.