Guns N’ Roses Invite Models To Concert And Party: ‘No Boyfriends’


TMZ are reporting that Guns N’ Roses invited 50 models to attend their Dodger Stadium show in Los Angeles on Friday for free, along with an after party at a hotel. Read their report below:

Guns N’ Roses knows what matters most when you’re playing in L.A. ain’t your instruments — it’s how attractive your audience is, and they made sure to stock their show with hordes of hot models.

TMZ has learned the GNR team fired off an email to Photogenics — an L.A.-based modeling agency — inviting every female model on their roster to Friday’s show at Dodger Stadium.

We’re told the 50 or so models who accepted got hooked up with free seats in the first couple rows, backstage passes and a spot on the guest list at the Roosevelt Hotel after-party.

There’s only one rule: no boyfriends or non-models allowed. The invite strictly forbids +1s.

Translation: Leave your ugly friends at home.