Eddie Vedder ‘Final Performance’ Confirmed By Wife


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder‘s final 2019 performance on New Years Eve in Hawaii with The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh was just revealed by his wife Jill Vedder. Eddie Vedder’s wife called out a surprise firing last week.

Jill wrote, “The end of a decade .. take in the loves, the losses, the highs the lows .. take it all in .. and smile … 🙏🏼 May 2020 bring all your dreams and wishes come true ..”

Doylebag posted on Reddit about Pearl Jam’s show in London looking like it is sold out, “So, my worst fears may be true… Intended to get London tickets in January but Ticketmaster and both sites linked to their official website don’t seem to have anything at all left. Gig itself still not listed as sold out on the website though…Any advice on best next steps or am I balls deep in Tout City for a second hand?”

Chrissy_pj responded, “Your best option is to get spare 10c tickets. There are lot of fans that have one. Or you can wait if someone returns tickets. Those are the two options I used to get tickets for 2020 tour.”

Doylebag asked, “Merci! Do I need to be a member of 10C or how does that work? Sorry, not overly familiar with the subscription.”

Chrissy_pj answered, “No, but members had to buy a pair of tickets, and lots of them don’t have anyone interested in going, so they are willing to sell. Pearl Jam fans are great so you’ll pay for tickets just as much as they paid, and also 10c tickets are tge ones with the best places in the venue (fan pit or best seats). They have to pick the tickets up at the venue so you won’t be able to get them before the concert though.” Jack White recently took a new Eddie Vedder haircut photo.