Paul Stanley ‘Awful’ Singing Ripped Onstage By KISS Icon


During a private and intimate meet and greet performance in Japan, KISS frontman Paul Stanley was told by bassist Gene Simmons that he was going to ‘kill his voice’. This clip was documented over at the KISSfaq fan forum and by the forum member Doose. KISS member unloads on ‘clown’ Paul Stanley.

Forum member star_paul reacted to the performance on a whole by saying: “I remember when that first happened and thinking it was easily one of the cringe-worthy KISS related things I’d ever seen. The whole scenario was just painful to watch on all fronts.” While Spacekace responded: “The hilariously sad part is after Gene calls him out, Paul responds by saying “this is easy”, followed up by a cacophony of croaking caterwauling.”Paul Stanley ‘bloated fraud’ photo surprises KISS fans.

Chaim Wigz, another forum user said: ” The tragedy of all this is, there are now hours and days and weeks worth of crystal clear HD digital footage of night after night of this utter shitshow, compared to the handful of grainy classic videos from the original era. It’s a crying shame that recordings from that magical time will forever be outnumbered 1000-1 by ten years of croaking and another five of the ongoing lipsynch clown show farce.”

Which prompted a response from Andreww1962 who put: ” Back in the late 70s I was doing a lot of concert photography. It was never an issue until Van Halen decided that they didn’t want people photographing them at shows so they could control the images of the band and make more money selling tour guides. Pretty soon every other band was doing the same thing, and it became the norm to see “NO CAMERAS” printed on the tickets. I continued to smuggle my SLR into shows for a while, but after having the camera confiscated by Van Halen, and my film destroyed by KISS, I gave it up. Now, 40 years later I am being contacted by bands who are scouring the world for photos from that era because for the most part, it went undocumented.” KISS show ‘absence’ surprises Paul Stanley fans.