Eddie Vedder Forgets Lyrics At Comeback Performance


Eddie Vedder gave a good performance in New York to kick off his tour with the Earthlings on Thursday, but there were some hiccups at the show.

Nate165xxx said on the Ten Club board, “I have a slightly different opinion of last night. I thought the new songs sounded good and the covers solid but felt the band was suffering from lack of warm up practice sessions as it sounded like Covid hit and blew up the last three weeks. Ed seemed gassed by the end of the show. Sounded great early but felt the tightness drifted as the night went on. I really missed Mike, Jeff, Stone, and Matt during those PJ songs. Especially McCready. I think I had some weird feelings seeing someone else play lead guitar as I got a little defensive. I know that’s a me thing.

Anyway, good news is the new songs rock.”

GetRight responded, “Definitely some rust. Watt got lost a couple times, Ed forgot the lyrics. But for me that adds to the experience, it somehow makes it more real. Call me crazy, but I almost wish they skipped the PJ songs in favor of ITW or other covers.” John and Sea got the setlist up on the Ten Club board.

01. Drive-(Buck, Berry, Mills, Stipe)
02. Room At The Top-(Petty)
03. Here Comes The Sun-(Harrison)
04. The Haves-(from the album Earthling)
05. I’ll Be Waiting-(Vedder, Hansard) Ed & Glen both sing lead in parts. (From the Flag Day soundtrack)
(Talks about the three weeks leading to these shows was chaotic. Covid, weather)
06. Invincible-(from the album Earthling)
07. The Dark-(from the album Earthling)
08. Power Of Right-(from the album Earthling)
(Tells a story about Watt meeting McCready and the advice McCready gave him. Re: Watt; Ed said we wouldn’t be here without him)
09. Fallout Today-(from the album Earthling)
10. Long Way-(from the album Earthling)
11. Tender Mercies–(Vedder, Hansard) Ed & Glen both sing lead in parts. (From the Flag Day soundtrack)
(Ed notes the 25th anniversary of Yield and David Bowie’s album Earthling)
12. Wishlist
Content Warning: Ed talks about NY Times interview and the issue of suicide that was discussed in it.
13. Brother The Cloud-(from the album Earthling)
14. Mrs. Mills-(from the album Earthling)
15. Try-(from the album Earthling) w/ Danny Clinch
16. Chad-O (Chad Smith drum solo)
17. Rose Of Jericho-(from the album Earthling)
18. Porch
Encore Break
19. Precious-(Hynde)
20. Better Man/People Have The Power-(Patti Smith/ Fred Smith)
(Ed was unaware of a curfew. If he has to leave this is the song he wants to play for them)
21. Isn’t It A Pity-(Harrison)
22. All Along The Watchtower-(Dylan)