Eddie Vedder Heartbreaking Claim Made By Widow


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder was present around the time Johnny Ramone died, Ramone’s widow Linda Ramone revealed in a new Jonesy’s Jukebox interview with Steve Jones. Alternative Nation reporter Joe Hughes transcribed their comments.

Steve Jones: I was one of the last to see him, though. Before he got cremated, he was actually dead.

Linda Ramone: Yeah, you came to the house.

Steve Jones: I accidentally walked into the living room and he’s sitting on the Lazy Boy.

Linda Ramone: I didn’t realize though, Lisa Marie Presley told me that Elvis, he was at the house for three days.

Steve Jones: They didn’t do nothing with him, right? He was just sitting there for a few days.

Linda Ramone: If I would have known that, I would have had Johnny sit there for a week. Like, and everybody could have came to see him.

Steve Jones: So legally,is it up to you how long you do nothing about it?

Linda Ramone: I guess but I was told I had to remove him in the morning. He stayed the whole night. I slept on him, and my cat Rusty. Eddie [Vedder] was over. We all just stayed. And then we had him cremated. And now he’s at the house and he has the statue.

On September 15, 2004, Johnny Ramone died in his Los Angeles home at the age of 55 from prostate cancer, less than a month before his 56th birthday.