Eddie Vedder Joins Surprising Grunge Band In Seattle


Supersuckers have released a new live single “I Believe In Miracles” with Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder, recorded in Seattle.

Vedder’s Pearl Jam bandmate Jeff Ament recently discussed why he wants Joe Biden to be elected President of the United States. Ament told Apple Music’s ALT CTRL, “I think with the Black Lives Matters thing happening in the middle of this, that gives me even more hope because it just sort of feels like there’s all this shit that most of us didn’t know about.

I knew there were some Confederate statues, and I knew that a couple of the bases were named after Confederate generals. I didn’t know there were that many. That combined with just the Washington Redskins and just all the horrible sh*t that in 2020 we’re still allowing that to happen, it does feel hopeful that it’s like there’s a big wave of change about to happen.

Hopefully, Biden gets in there, and hopefully he has a great group of people around them, and they just make this place a better place, and – Not to mention the environmental… The one positive thing is that this is a little warmup for that.”