Eddie Vedder “Pissed Off” After Major Show Cancellation


Continuing his interview with Matt Vaughn, owner of Easy Street Records in Seattle Washing, and Kevin Cole of KEPX Seattle, Eddie had a few words to say about how he felt about when one of his favorite bands canceled a major (to him) show. 

Eddie: I remember skipping class, our high school had an open campus, and going to buy the new Talking Heads record, then heading back to school, going to work after and then going home and listening to the record entirely and be really blown way. 

Kevin Cole: Wasn’t that your first concert? Talking Heads? 

Eddie: Bruce (Springsteen) was the first show way back in Chicago…no, they (Talking Heads) pissed me off because I had tickets to see them in a small place and they cancelled then did the US Festival so I had to fight my way to like the second row out of 50,000 people or something like that to see Talking Heads (laughs).