U2 Singer Bono Reveals Massive Bank Payment


U2 singer Bono discussed working with Bank of America to try to cure AIDS in a new Cry Power Podcast interview with Hozier. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Bono made a disturbing drug revelation earlier this week.

“Just at a point of inflection when we were about to win, the greatest health crisis since the Bubonic Plague, the greatest health crisis in 600 years, we’re just about to win it, we’re at the point of inflection. Now these leaders are saying America First, **** the Africans, and cut those budgets.”

Bono partying with Matthew McConaghey was recently revealed. Bono added, “And there’s people around the world following suit, and it’s a really, really dangerous moment. If you spend half your life, which I have, fighting for an end to this tiny little virus that has wrecked so much havoc on so many people’s lives, you’re just thinking, this could all go up in smoke.

We have to end the politics of the day, and commerce, we need their signage. With Bank of America, they say it’s a bank, you can’t work with banks, I say they have 17,000 outlets that on World AIDS Day go red and tell people where we’re at. I’ll take that thank you very much. We could never afford that.”

He later said, “I think trying to make debt cancelation sexy, is not something I can say we pulled off. But we made the argument to cancel 90 billion dollars of debt, and an extra 44 million children, according to the world bank, went to school because of the cancelation.” Bono was spotted driving a ridiculous car last week.