Watch Eddie Vedder Play Intimate Show For Obama Administration Officials


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder played in Chicago at the Cure Benefit Show on October 15th, and former members of Barack Obama’s Presidential administration were in attendance, including former Chief of Staff and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former Senior Advisor to the President David Axelrod

brookejmcdonald posted on Instagram, “Did tonight really just happen? How do you make an Eddie Vedder performance more incredible? Have the incomparable @mig.cervantes and #nilslofgren join him on stage, plus the @misericordiahome Heartzingers Choir, and raise a truckload of money for @cureepilepsy

Not pictured, totally amazing CURE founder Susan, and David Axelrod; the second time in my life I got to talk to and hug Eddie (22 years after the first); and @chicagosmayor Rahm Emanuel, who I was lucky enough to SIT NEXT TO and who emboldened me to go say hi to Eddie (bodyguard said no photos ?). A million thanks to @karenmalkinhealth and Grosvenor Capital Management and all of tonight’s incredible sponsors. Just. Wow.”

01. Keep Me In Your Heart (Calderon, Zevon)
Porch (Tease of beginning lyrics directed toward sign language interpreter so Ed can see “Fuck” in ASL)
02. Rise
(Ed mentions David Axelrod and thanks him for fighting a great cause, helping elect the greatest president of his lifetime, and inviting him. He dedicates next song to the power of Mothers, especially those fighting the disease of epilepsy in their children)
03. Just Breathe
(Introduces other musical guest Nils Lofgren back onstage and tells about hearing the next song for the first time, and dedicates it (obviously) to E Street Saxophonist Clarence Clemons)
04. Miss You, C (With Nils Lofgren)
05. Rockin’ In The Free World (Young) with Nils Lofgren and Miguel Cervantes
(Ed invites the Misericordia Heartzingers Choir back onstage and thanks all of the great musicians for tremendous performances and once again thanks everyone for coming to the event)
06. Hard Sun (Peterson) with Nils Lofgren, Miguel Cervantes, and the Misericordia Heartzingers Choir