Stone Temple Pilots Member Was ‘Jumped’ At Club


Stone Temple Pilots singer Jeff Gutt and Seether bassist Dale Stewart recently did a joint Reddit AMA, and Gutt discussed being jumped at a club in Ohio.

hawkeyesigkap asked:

Where are the best and worst places you’ve played? What is a food/drink staple you must have while on tour?

SeetherandSTP responded:

DALE – The best place we have ever played is Australia. I forget exactly but it was just amazing. Really good. Worst place is in San Diego. It sucks because I love San Diego. Playing there is just really, really hard to impress anyone there. I need my Jameson. It is part of my warm up routine. Jameson and Tabasco. I love these two things so much that my right in ear is red and says Tabasco and my left in ear is green and says Jameson.

JEFF – It was Rock on the Range. It was a big moment for me to walk out with the guys on stage. There was a place in Canton Ohio where we sold it out and the bouncer and the owner jumped me and kicked me out. Just something healthy.

Plawsky asked:

omg guys, huge fan of both of you!! Thanks for doing this AMA!!!!!

What are some of your pre-show rituals?

SeetherandSTP posted:

DALE – We don’t really have a ritual. One and a half hours before we play I make a drink for myself and one for Shaun. And yeah that is the closest thing to a ritual. Two hours is just too much and an hour is not enough so an hour and a half is a golden number.

JEFF – I need to have a space to myself for five minutes to meditate and clear my head. That’s about it. I don’t do vocal warm ups unfortunately.

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