Rush Singer Reunites With Neil Peart In Los Angeles


Rush frontman Geddy Lee was asked in a new interview with Bass Guitar Magazine what his current relationship was with his fellow bandmates and if he stills sees the guys socially. He told the magazine the following. Neil Peart dropped this Rush tour bombshell recently.

“Oh yeah, quite a lot. We’re very close – I was just talking to Alex this morning. We try to get together regularly. I was just in LA three weeks ago, visiting Neil. You know, when the band ended, everybody had a different sort of response to that last show, so it took a little bit of time for everyone to sort it out in their own brains, how we were gonna move forward. In the end, we just decided that the most important thing is that friends are friends. That’s what comes first, so that’s the way it’s remained.”

He was then asked, “Lots of people are interested in the story of you and Rush. Will your next book be a full autobiography?”

Lee responded, “It’s funny when I went to do this bass book, everybody wanted me to do one of those. They said ‘We’ll let you do this silly book, but how about an autobiography?’ I don’t think my story’s done yet. It feels a bit premature. Maybe I’m kidding myself, but I don’t quite feel like I’m ready to do that yet. I have other ideas for books, but they’re not autobiographical.”

This ‘thin And pale’ Rush icon photo was recently revealed.  Reddit user TheSwiftlyGamer asked “what Rush lyrics do You believe to have the most meaning?” in a new topic within the band’s subreddit. The user wrote:

“I’ve been assigned to analyze the lyrics of a poem/song and explain the meaning behind them. I immediately went to Rush as some of their songs have such deep meanings. I personally want to talk about the meaning in “Freewill”. So I’m wondering, what song(s) do you believe to have the most meaning?”

Fellow Rush Redditor Doctor31074 said: “Losing It,” from Signals is a good one to analyze. Plus, there are the references to Hemmingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” which adds immediate literary credence. Lol”

FrancoWriter chimed in with: “I got surprised to come here and did not see any mentions to “Emotion Detector”. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t want to drop an ad magister argument about this, but as a psychologist myself, I think that “Emotion Detector” lyrics are on point. Profound, meaningful and precise.” Rush singer Geddy Lee revealed this shocking Neil Peart coke photo.