Slash Breaks Silence On Led Zeppelin Ripoff Rumor


Slash has been going through his own thoughts lately as his guitarist, Frank Sidoris was recently involved in a car crash with his wife. Thankfully, everyone was okay. This sparked discussion on ‘The Conspirators’ new album which seems to share a name with a very legendary band’s record.

Slash was asked by Rock Antenne if the upcoming record with his band, ‘The Conspirators’ titled ‘4’ has anything to do with Led Zeppelin as many have tried to build their own ‘conspiracy’ out of the namesake.

Slash answered this swiftly stating: “No. Actually, Led Zeppelin’s [1971 untitled fourth] record was not called ‘4.’ I just called it ‘4’ because it’s our fourth record, which I think is an important milestone, and also because I didn’t want to give it a nice, cool, clever title that relates to something in particular.”

Slash went even deeper into this as he continued: “Because so much sh*t happened in 2020 that there’s no one sentence or one word that defines all of it, so rather than ever try, I just said, ‘Let’s just call it ‘4’ because it’s more about this record being something that we’ve accomplished at this point, and it’s not really about all that.'”

As Slash stated, Led Zeppelin’s fourth record did not have the official name of ‘4’. A better connection for any type of conspiracy would have been Stone Temple Pilot’s record ‘No. 4’ as it makes much more sense in an alternate world as Slash, of course, was with Scott Weiland in the supergroup, Velvet Revolver.

Special thanks to Ultimate Guitar.