Bono Family Leaks Terrible Madonna U2 Secret


U2 frontman Bono‘s daughter, the ever-so-lovely Jordan Joy Hewson took to social media via Instagram recently to post this sign from Dublin, Ireland that mentions a very peculiar Madonna request. Hewson wrote about the sign: “I can’t wait to get back to you!!!! Thank you Alec ward for making this sign possible.” You can view the sign below.  Bono ‘replacement’ new female U2 singer revealed.

In other news featuring U2 and Bono, fans recently took to the subreddit of the band to discuss how 2000-2002 has to be, in the opinion of the U2 community, one of the most significant and prolific periods for the band. Rowan5215 said: “The Little Things is my favorite by far. someone on here said it was like a sequel to Miracle Drug which I can definitely hear. even then the production makes it too glossy and smooth to really take off like it should – imagine Unforgettable Fire-era U2 writing that second half, they would have made it absolutely colossal.” Bono daughter creepy U2 robe photo revealed.

Bono daughter ‘dirty’ U2 swimsuit photo revealed. Whereas JolietJakeBluez stated: “I find 13 to be a bit of a snooze and would be very bummed if that represented the direction the band was headed in. To which aki-d4fer replied in response: “It’s very much a mood/tone-setter suited for closing an album. U2 typically only have one per album, it’s very much in the same vein as Love Is Blindness. A beautiful sparse, enchanting soundscape and melody, I like it quite a bit more than Song For Someone. It reminds me of something that could have come out of the MDH year 2000 U2 period, songs like Stateless and Grace, because of the meditative atmosphere and the similar production style, kind of Daniel Laniosy with the organs/keys with Echo-ey shimmery sound effects frequent on Mothers Of The Disappeared and Grace. And Bono in that lower register.