Scott Stapp Reveals Who Ripped Off Creed


Scott Stapp revealed that his children have ripped off his Creed singing style in a new The Ringer interview. Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Stapp’s comments.

“It started with my oldest son and oldest nephew. I’m driving down the street and they’re giggling in the back and I was either taking them to practice or taking them to school and was like, ‘What are you guys laughing at?’ And they’re like, ‘With Arms Wide Open.’

Now, 10 years later, my 13-year-old and my nine-year-old now, they were making fun of me in the car about McDonald’s always being open. They were hungry and wanted to go get something to eat. They’re like, ‘Dad, we’re hungry,’ and I’m like, ‘Where do you want to go?’ and they bust out together, ‘McDonald’s wide open.'”

He said about his singing style being mocked, “It’s… funny to hear how other people hear you. ‘Cause I never heard myself with this over-the-top stuff, but I guess that’s the caricature voice of me and it’s funny, man. I’m all about picking on myself. It’s all good man.

It’s actually helped me as a singer because I’ve heard that and I’ve intentionally enunciated differently on different words and syllables. So thank you world, for pointing out a consistent pattern early in my 20s so I could evolve and grow as a singer. You made me better. Thank you.”

Creed just revealed that have a new album written, but the band would need to reunite again to complete it. Creed wrote just about an entire new album of 8 to 9 songs in 2012 before splitting again, with Scott Stapp’s drug addiction and mental health issues being very public in 2014 before he got healthy and revived his career a couple of years later. Creed’s other members have stayed active in Alter Bridge, while Mark Tremonti has also worked on his solo career.