Eddie Vedder Reveals Sad Assault By Woman


Eddie Vedder revealed a woman assaulted a man at Pearl Jam’s show at Hallenstadion
in Zürich, CH on their European Tour on Thursday.

Setlist via Sea on PearlJam.com:
01. Release
02. Even Flow
03. Corduroy
04. Immortality
05. Dance Of The Clairvoyants
06. Quick Escape
{Pearl Jam played here 22 years ago to the exact day. Ed finds it easy to remember because the night before he met his wife. He has the crowd say “hello”}
07. Daughter/WMA :53 seconds/Leash :36 seconds/Glorified G 35 seconds (Leash and Glorified G are just a couple of lines and not the music)
08. Given To Fly
09. Seven O’Clock
10. Do The Evolution
11. Animal {Ed stops the song and has the lights brought up. He saw a woman punch a guy in the back of the head. He says it’s because he is filming and you can’t see? You should signaled me I was looking right at you. Ed had the woman kicked out. Violence isn’t a solution and we don’t hit people here. They pick the song back up at the chorus before the solo}
{Ed does a birthday dedication}
12. Present Tense
13. In Hiding
14. Jeremy
15. Why Go
16. Crazy Mary
17. Porch

Encore Break

18. Smile
19. Black
20. Alive

STMccart posted on the forum, “Chemistry seems good. They seem to be having a blast. I don’t know that they could play that hard and loud and be going through the motions. Who knows what is going on with each of them individually, but the audience tonight was full on into it. If they were mailing it in, that would not be the case.”