Eddie Vedder ‘Ridiculous’ Private Jet Angers Fans


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder did a high paying corporate gig over the weekend in Miami for Super Bowl weekend for NetJets, a private business jets organization. Vedder even flew in on on a private jet with NHL star Chris Chelios. Eddie Vedder recently revealed a big name Pearl Jam replacement on the new album Gigaton.

NetJets tweeted, “Let the good times roll. NetJets Owners rocked out to an exclusive performance by Eddie Vedder and sports commentary from the experts: Coach Tony Dungy and Chris Berman. #OnlyNetJets.” They also said, “Eddie Vedder has arrived in Miami alongside three-time Stanley Cup champion, Chris Chelios. #OnlyNetJets.”

Fans on the Ten Club boards were critical of Vedder not only flying a private jet, but performing for a private jet company, especially with his views on climate change.

Tusevun posted, “Nothing says ‘reduce your carbon footprint’ like flying private to an event celebrating private flying.” Bootlegger10 added, “This one is odd given their stance on the environment. Not a big deal but just a surprising event sponsor to play for.”

Bentleyspop chimed in, “First they buddy up with TM. Then $40 t- shirts. Then $100 tickets. Then Eddie does a corporate gig. What’s next? No mosh pit? Whatever happened to 1995 Eddie???? Thought I’d get that all out before anyone else.”

EJK1280 said, “If you were invited to a private concert with Ed but he had to fly a private jet there. Would you decline in order to save the earth?”

DL3031 defended Vedder, “And what if Ed’s raising lots of $ from these corporate gigs for EB Research & other charities (and I have a strong suspicion that’s what he might be doing)? You ok with it then? Bono has used a similar platform to raise billions for the One charity. Why wouldn’t Ed do that same?”

Nickynyr15 wrote, “Celebrities are constantly doing one thing while telling you to do another. No surprise here. Doesn’t bother me at all. I’m here for the music and concerts, not political or environmental advice.” PJL44 said, “Yeah, I think this is a valid criticism. Taking a private jet to perform at a private gig for a company that sells private jet ownership shares. Short of using a barrel of oil as a stool, it’s hard to deviate further from an activist climate change urgency message.” Eddie Vedder using an embarrassing drug was just revealed.