Gene Simmons Daughter ‘Dirty’ Ice Cream Photo Revealed


Gene Simmons‘ daughter, the divine Sophie Simmons can be seen here enjoying a treat of ice cream in a first-rate and magnificent white gown. Be sure not to get any on yourself, Sophie! You can view this photo below. Gene Simmons daughter shows off backside in tight corset.

In other news regarding Sophie’s ‘demon dad’ Gene Simmons and KISS, fans recently took to the KISSFaq fan forum to discuss if any fans are going to skipping out on the highly anticipated ‘End of the Road’ tour and their reasoning behind that.

Gene Simmons daughter swims in tight shirt photo. AceyAintInCharge put: “At first when I heard David Lee Roth was going to be opening I thought that might be what would finally get me to one. I decided my love for this band it’s too great to walk away frustrated or disappointed or even unsure. It’s too much to risk I’ve literally been contemplating it since the first Minneapolis show which was a couple of years ago it feels like. And I still can’t decide about the February show. Therefore I’m not going to go. If I’ve had this much trouble getting to peace over it than I best not go. Don’t get me wrong I love David Lee Roth and I would probably go see him under any circumstances except these.”

The user later continued: “This is a very small factor compared to everything else but imagine if you were in the shoes I’ve been talking about this band being the greatest thing I have ever known for 10 years now that I have been with my wife. She’s never seen Kiss she’s not a huge fan but likes them. She probably copied me in this way of thinking but she feels that Ace Frehley is the coolest thing about KISS and he’s already negative about seeing them without him. It would be an uphill battle for me. Sure I could enjoy it for what it was worth but there’s a very big risk that I wouldn’t.” Gene Simmons’ daughter ‘bunny lingerie’ photo revealed.