Watch Eddie Vedder Screw Up Pearl Jam “Rearviewmirror” Performance


After the first lyric Ed stops playing. Something sounds wrong to him. He knows he has played the song a lot but it didn’t seem right. He joked that he’d played it ‘a couple of times.’

“I have one idea for a solution, I don’t know if its going to work.”

He then guzzled some wine.

“At least it sounded like the right notes.”

He says that the song just sounded like..and starts singing “Fernando” by ABBA a cappella until Matt gives him a beat. He sings about 25 seconds of the song and says, “It didn’t sound like that?”

“Well, playing in front of 40,000 of your friends can be a trip. I was tripping..”

They restart the song. You can watch video below by fast forwarding to 144:40 in.

Vedder also discussed fans camping out for the show. Ed was driving by the stadium a few days before the show and saw so many tents. He thought it was ironic that there was such a big homeless camp. Someone pointed out that those tents were people camping out to get front row in the pit. Ed thinks spending two days waiting for a show is too long.