Famous Rapper Calls Out Kurt Cobain Suicide: ‘Glorified Rock Shit’


You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Denzel Curry discussed his new song “Clout Cobain” and why Kurt Cobain’s death should not be glorified in a new Billboard interview. The video for the song has 15 million views since its release last month.

Congratulations on the response to TA13OO. The previous records made an impact, especially Imperial, but this feels like on another level. And maybe there are even people just discovering you through this record, even after all this time.

Yeah, it’s kind of weird because I’ve been out for such a long time, and nobody was giving me my credit, or really even acknowledging me. And then when this record came about and I finally finished it, and then “Clout Cobain” grabbed a lot of people’s attention, both the video and the song. It was something different from what I normally do. So then yeah, people were looking at me, like, “Wait, I know this dude from somewhere.” And they might have thought about “Ultimate,” cause that was the last song people really heard from me. Even though I put out mad songs and stuff — people wasn’t trying to pay attention.

Do you think it’s “Clout Cobain” the song, or the video that’s made the difference?

It’s a combination of the two. Like if we would have released “Clout Cobain” without the video, people would be like, “Ohh…” and they would have just pushed it to the side, because they don’t see the vision. But the fact that we added the visual along with the song, it made people understand — or even if they didn’t understand, it made people talk about it. With “Clout Cobain,” when I made the song, I knew what I wanted to say. But I was gonna say it in a way where people could understand it. My main thing was, “Y’all are killing yourselves over materialistic stuff. But y’all don’t really see what’s really going on.”

Do you feel like we’re still in a time when addiction, pain and depression and even suicide or death are in a way glorified?

Yeah, that’s why they glorify Kurt Cobain — they glorify him for the wrong reasons. People will be like, “I want to take mad drugs, I want to be like Kurt Cobain, I want to die at 27.” Glorified rock shit.