Rage Against The Machine First 2020 Reunion Show Photo Leaks


Rage Against The Machine‘s members have remained very silent when it comes to the band’s 2020 reunion tour, with members rarely directly addressing it on social media outside of reposting an initial reunion announcement poster. Rage Against The Machine recently dropped a sad Eddie Vedder bombshell.

Now, drummer Brad Wilk has posted the first 2020 promotional tour photo, writing, “Happy New Year. So very grateful and looking forward✊✊✊✊ #ratm.”

Emfivemore posted on Reddit wondering why RATM haven’t posted any venue or ticket information for their 2020 reunion shows, outside of Coachella, which will also feature Frank Ocean and Travis Scott.

“I have a theory on this. They may not announce any type of venue or ticket info until after Coachella goes onsale. I’ve been surprised this whole time that they are playing shows, especially Phoenix, before Coachella, especially with the famous “Coachella Radius Clause”. I’m guessing Coachella asked them to let Coachella sell their tickets first so it can sellout before RATM tells everyone where the shows are and how much. Then again…that’s just me thinking way too much about this!”

SlyChimera responded, “Coachella has been sold out I’m pretty sure.” Houseofcards2 shot back, “This is not a theory it’s exactly right.” HighscoreOnRoy commented, “Any confirmation on a US or NA tour? I’m pretty sure I saw on this sub confirmed 2021 Europe tour but nothing on a full NA tour.” Rage Against The Machine will kick off their reunion tour in 2020. A Rage Against The Machine icon revealed how rich he is last week.