Electronic Artist Gost Talks Maryland Deathfest And Favorite Horror Films





In recent years the electronic genre known as synthwave has been getting more and more attention.  Synthwave is a style of music based on 70’s and 80’s film scores. Many synthwave acts have scored various media including the films Drive and Kung Fury. The video game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and most recently the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. One of the best of these acts is the mysterious Gost. Gost plays a very dark, horror themed take on synthwave labeled “slasherwave”. While not metal or punk, their music is dark enough to land them a spot on next year’s edition of America’s biggest metal festival, Maryland Deathfest. I was recently able to interview Baalberith, the mysterious being behind Gost. We discussed his interest in horror films and playing with metal acts.


 I see you use the term Slasherwave to describe your music. How did you come up with this term?

I believe it was Blood Music who actually coined the term.

Which horror films in particular inspire your work?

Satan’s School for Girls, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, The Gate, Evil Dead, Deep Red, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street.  (Not horror) but Eyes Wide Shut.

I see you used to play in various metal bands. What made you decide to make the transition from metal to electronic music?

Simply wanting the ability to create music alone without other musicians plus my obsession with 80’s goth and pop.

I see you are going to play next years Maryland Deathfest, How did you get on the bill? What bands are you most excited to play with?

They actually contacted me!  Fucking Candlemass!!  Exhumed, Acid King, Vader, Grave…  There are too many to name.  It’s going to be insane!

How did the writing process for your latest album Non Paradisi go?

Non Paradisi came very fast.  Once the concept was in place the album took on a life of it’s own.

How would you compare it to older releases?

Every release is different for me depending on the direction I choose and of course life in general at the time.  Compared to older releases  Non Paradisi was a bit more inspired and free flowing for me.

Synthwave has been getting more popular in recent years. How do you feel this came to be?

I think its a mixture of many things.  Better music is being produced and there have been films like Drive and more recently the TV show Stranger Things.  It just seems to be a perfect storm of consequence.